Computer Viruses

Home Computer Viruses

We’ve all heard about Computer Viruses. If you have a Windows Home Computer you’ve almost certainly got some or have detected them. What the heck are they and why should you care?

A fantastic description of Computer Viruses can be found at Wikipedia. I realize the article contains alot of information and is quite technical. The important thing to know about computer viruses is that they are bad and you don’t want them.

The following are symptoms of a Computer Virus Infection (source:

  • Your computer starts running sluggishly
  • It shuts down unexpectedly or crashes frequently
  • It experiences memory problems or runs out of disc space
  • Unusual files or directories appear on your system
  • Strange messages appear on your screen

Computer Viruses, similar to biological viruses, have the ability to replicate themselves and cause damage to otherwise healthy systems. The good news is that software is available for your Home Computer to detect and remove them from your system. We’ll discuss how to install and use anti-virus software in a future article.


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