Windows Update

Windows Update is a free service provided to owners of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The service offers a way to download and install security fixes and software improvements (often called patches) onto your home computer. If you are concerned about securing your home computer, you must familiarize yourself with this service.

Security updates from Microsoft are released on the second Tuesday of the month. Make sure your computer has the latest updates installed. You can set Windows Update to automatically install or notify you that updates are available. To configure your Windows XP Home Computer, choose Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Security Center -> Automatic Updates.

Window Update Control Panel

Windows Update Automatic Updates

Then, select the best option for your needs. I prefer the option that reads “Notify me but don’t automatically download or install them”. I want to know about all software that gets installed on my home computer. You can choose Automatic (recommended). However, I think you are granting someone else an enormous amount of trust.

Windows Update Settings

When you are notified that new updates are available, read about them, download them and install them. Do *not* leave your Home Computer unpatched.


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