Introduction to Securing your Home Computer

I’ve spent a good amount of time over the last few years fixing the computers of friends and family. Most of these systems had been taken over by the bad guys (often called Black Hats). When I informed the owners what had happened, they were shocked! “How could this have happened to me?” Guess what? They’re not alone. Read Online users not safe as they think.

What I’ve learned, is that securing a home computer is not an easy task. The modern desktop computer system is a very complex machine. It requires ongoing education, patience and work to keep these systems running clean. This blog attempts to simplify the security process by focusing on three primary areas:

  • What you should Know
  • What you should Do
  • What you should Install

For fun, I would like you to take the 5 minutes quiz, How Safe are You?. Post a comment with the quiz results so we can compare.


2 Responses to “Introduction to Securing your Home Computer”

  1. thelonggoodbye Says:

    You are fairly security-conscious, but you still need to do more!
    That answer reminds me of my worse elementary school teachers, you can always “do more”. In some ways my internet security is beyond what they ask about, like I have spyware blaster installed, which keeps a lot of baddies from being installed.

  2. jaws Says:

    I got… You are fairly security-conscious, but you still need to do more!

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